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Conditions for the selection of suppliers for the conclusion of a supply contract

The main principle of the selection is mutually beneficial cooperation. The choice of a potential supplier depends on the outcome of the evaluation of the supplier itself and the business proposal submitted by a supplier.


  1. There is a certain consumer interest in the goods offered.
  2. The lowest price of the offered product, ensuring competitiveness and stable customer demand.
  3. The goods offered correspond to the assortment of products sold in our stores.
  4. Quality and safety of the goods offered, compliance with all the standards and requirements established by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

  5. Proper appearance of a product and its packaging, which ensures its attractiveness for the consumer.
  6. Ensuring supply continuity while maintaining the required volume.
  7. Delivery of goods within 48 hours by a vehicle, ensuring compliance with the necessary forwarding conditions as well as unloading of goods to the shop warehouse.
  8. Competent staff who ensure a high level of synergy in the delivery of goods.

  9. There are no bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation, suspension of activities with the supplier.
  10. Lack of information on breaches of the current legislation by the supplier.
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