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Alkotrend OÜ is known in Estonia and a recognized provider of alcoholic beverages whose activities focus on the high quality of the products offered and responsible customer relationships.

The whole assortment offered is arranged on the shelves by groups: sparkling wine, wine, cognac, brandy, spirits, gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, liqueurs. The sale of cigarettes takes place at a separate counter. Customers are served at a counter. Shops are open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Since 2013, Alkotrend OÜ has contributed to the company’s development and economic sustainability, with the opening of the first shops selling alcoholic beverages under the trademark of “LIME BEVERAGE”. In the period from September 2013 to January 2018, 15 stores were opened, of which 13 were the “LIME Beverage” stores and one Onwine wine shop (

As of 01.05.2018, Alkotrend OÜ offers job to a total of 50 employees, of which 5 are executives, and the remaining staff mainly consist of shop assistants at the “LIME BEVERAGE” stores.

We have built the company’s marketing strategy on the following principles:

1. The goal of the company is to grow economically by creating new stores, achieving customer satisfaction, increasing customer base and establishing long-term customer relationships in order to ensure the year-round turnover and sustainability of the company.

2. We always provide quality products only, fast and friendly service in stores near your home. We invest into new stores and, due to the high quality of our services, we increase the company competitive position.

3. We value our partners and suppliers, we contribute to long-lasting constructive and fruitful cooperation.

4. We constantly monitor the performance.

5. We undertake effective, though responsible marketing efforts to increase the number of customers. We use the Internet, direct mail and periodic ads in media as the main marketing channels. We carry out marketing activities in accordance with the restrictions on alcohol advertising established in § 28 of the Advertising Act.

6. We have an ongoing overview of the market-related, demand-supply relation. The market overview is compiled once a month.

7. We guarantee the continuous motivation and long-term loyalty of the staff who work for the company. Thanks to a competitive salary and a strong team spirit, the company staff are motivated and satisfied.

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